How To Choose
The Right Village

Choosing a village?

When you are ready to experience the move to a community there are many important points to consider to ensure the move is right for you.

Support & Care Services

  • Fully qualified carers can be on call 24 hours with the push of a button.
  • Can the village accommodate the changing health needs of individuals, by providing varying levels of care.
  • Keeping a couple together as needs change.
  • Home Care Packages can continue to be used, or applied for.


  • Will the move be a complete lifestyle change, offering resort style facilities in a large community or to a smaller and simple style of accommodation.
  • Are pets welcome into the community?
  • Do you have a garden to maintain or is there a community garden to enjoy?


  • Review your budget and consider what is affordable for you.
  • Understand all ongoing costs associated with village lifestyle and facilities.
  • Are exit costs applicable on leaving the village.
  • Seek independent legal and financial advice.


  • When moving, take into consideration if you wish to be close to family or near the neighbourhood you currently live.
  • Do you look for a coastal option or in a regional/country setting?
  • Accessibility to local services, medical centres, hospitals, shopping centres.


  • Assess how you spend your time, what leisure activities are important to you. Possibly some new activities are on offer for you to engage in.
  • Villages now offer a wide range of amenities, these can be community rooms, BBQ areas, restaurants, gardens, men sheds,libraries, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor pools, bowls and parking for caravans.
  • Village bus service to assist residents with transport to local services.